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Dr. Vaibhav Shah! 👍 Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Doctor in Mumbai

Hello Guys, Welcome to Dr. Vaibhav Shah hair transplant clinic. First of all thanks for visiting here. It gives us immense pleasure to serve you for your cosmetic concern. Dr. Vaibhav Shah is Mumbai based Cosmetic facial surgeon & hair transplant doctor. It’s been more than a decade that Dr. Vaibhav Shah and his team serve for exclusively in Facial Plastic surgery and Hair transplantation in Mumbai.

What Dr. Vaibhav Shah Says!

Surgery is not my profession but it’s my passion. As I have done master s in maxillofacial surgery and then few fellowships in facial plastic surgery, I have kept my self exclusively for Facial plastic surgery. It means I just operate Head, face and neck area, I do not touch Breast, belly and butt. Face is definition of your looks, any changes in face or profile correction on face or congenital anomalies or ant ageing treatment modalities are my domain. So if you want any changes on your facial appearance let it be facial contouring, face lift or profile correction kindly get in touch with me, will be happy to serve you.

Hair Transplant in Mumbai! Well, Hair transplant in Mumbai is not unheard word for anyone who is undergone hair transplant surgery anywhere in globe. Hair transplant in Mumbai is really popular destination for anyone who is looking or hair transplant. Hair transplant is just not cosmetic procedure but, it also helps an individual to present himself with better confidence in front of any one. Hair transplant also equally helpful in presenting correct age of an individual. In recent world due to dedication, best results and, reasonable price Mumbai and Istanbul or turkey is become biggest medical tourism destination for hair transplant In world.

I have been doing hair transplant in Mumbai since a decade now. Have got opportunity to serve patients from almost every corner of world let it be USA, UK, and Australia South Africa. Etc... . What I have realised in over a period of time is, hair loss is global issue and everyone is equally affectionate for better hair on head.

Well that is long and short of me, if you are looking for any facial plastic surgery or hair transplant in Mumbai than kindly get in touch with us, will be happy to serve you.

Before – After Results of Hair transplant & Cosmetic Surgery 
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Hair transplant in Mumbai, India - Dr. Vaibhav Shah! Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair transplant in Mumbai, India - Dr. Vaibhav Shah! Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair transplant in Mumbai, India - Dr. Vaibhav Shah! Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant in Mumbai
Hair transplant in Mumbai, India - Dr. Vaibhav Shah! Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant in Mumbai

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đź‘ŤDr. Vaibhav Shah! Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant in Mumbai

One usually undergoes cosmetic facial procedures and surgery when they are unhappy with the way they look, or if they desire to change a particular facial feature. The desired result is of prime importance. Dr Shah is committed to put in his best efforts to achieve the desired results with his knowledge and skill. Undoubtedly, practice makes perfect. Dr Shah has restricted his practice to facial cosmetic procedures and surgery, which gives him a cutting edge above others in the procedures he performs.

When an individual approaches a cosmetic surgeon for certain concerns, it is of utmost importance to listen and understand what is truly bothering the patient.Dr Shah firmly believes in investing his time to solve your problems. He is committed to lend you an ear and give you enough time to listen to your doubts, answer your queries and listen to your concerns about your beauty. We are committed to give you the best possible solution with honesty.

Our Goal is to make the patients feel at home and comfortable. Speaking of ones flaws and aesthetic concerns takes courage and needs a person to have faith in the doctor and the team.We strive to offer a relaxed atmosphere and a human touch to make the patient lose all inhibitions and discuss his concerns and expectations with the doctor.

 As progressive Facial Cosmetic Surgeons and Hair Restoration Surgeon, we have made sure that our clinic is designed in a way, so as to provide the best possible output for procedures that are performed routinely.  Any up gradation in technology, equipment, and knowledge is the key for the best results. Our clinic is up to date technologically and we desire to surpass the patient’s expectations in treatment. 

 The safety of patients is always of prime concern to doctors. Negligence is something that has no space in medical science. Our clinic is fully equipped and accredited for any emergency which may be experienced during a procedure or surgery. There is no compromise on patient safety. If a patient is unfit for a particular procedure/surgery, Dr. Shah personally counsels the patient, so as to not undergo the procedure which could risk the patient’s health and well-being.

We are extremely proud of our staff members. Our surgical staff has been working with Dr Shah for over 5 to 7 years. They all are qualified and well trained for the procedures performed by us. Having just a qualified nurse as an assistant is not enough when performing complex cosmetic procedures. We ensure that our surgical staff is well trained before they become first assistant to the doctor. A strict hierarchy is maintained and any new staff is trained at the trolley or as help to 2nd office assistant during surgical procedures. With experience and regular discussions with the doctors, they become the first assistant. All the first assistants have been trained and are working with us since at least 7 years. All of this is to ensure a team that will deliver the best results and superior most patient experience.

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Consultation with đź‘ŤDr. Vaibhav Shah! Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant in Mumbai
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Am I a right candidate for “Hair transplant or Fue hair transplant?”

In following criteria you are right candidate for Hair Transplant & Fue hair transplant

  • If you have lost Hair in Hair line or in front area.
  • Due to less hair, you are looking older than your correct age.
  • If you are looking to restore your self-confidence or as Matrimonial aspect to have better personality the its right time to have Hair Transplant done.

How hair transplant is done?

  • Hair line design 
  • Trimming and cleaning of scalp
  • Local anaesthesia to make scalp numb
  • Making channel in recipient area with either 19.5 G needle 
  • Harvesting good quality grafts with FUE Punch.

Can I get Natural density of my Hairs after transplant?

To get equal amount of hair, whatever you have lost is impossible to achieve. But YES, you can get natural looking hair line after transplant. 

What is maximum density one can achieve after HAIR TRANSPLANT?

Around 55 grafts to 90 grafts in one square centimetre area is possible or can be achieved after Hair transplant.

What are the “Pre-Operative “work up for Hair Transplant?

There are various Pre-Operative work up for Hair Transplant as following:

Scalp evaluation

Dermatoscopic evaluation

Blood test-

Complete Blood count.

Bleeding Time.

Clotting Time.

Blood Sugar level.

H3 Profile.


What people say's about Dr. Vaibhav Shah


I am Vikas Agarwal, IT professional. Myself has undergone the hair transplantation surgery around 6 years back. I was having the really good and Happy outcome for almost two to three years, after which what I have observed is like there is a loss of a density in my mid-scalp area and even in a hairline. I was really concerned about it, of course when I went for a surgery in the first time I was not having a great knowledge,  about the hair transplantation. read more

FUE hair transplant Mumbai-

Follicular unit extraction (FUE), also known as follicular transfer (FT), is one of two primary methods of obtaining hair follicles, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. The other method is called strip harvesting.

How is the Healing after follicular unit extraction method of hair transplantation surgery?

Unlike strip method or follicular unit hair transplant method in a follicular unit extraction method of a hair transplant, there is the minimum surgical intervention is done due to which the healing is much faster and the patient is very much comfortable after follicular unit extraction method of hair transplant. 

Recovery time after the follicular unit extraction method of a hair transplant is generally 3 to 5 days. 

Cost of a follicular unit extraction method of a hair transplant in Mumbai?

The cost of in general hair transplantation surgery in Mumbai is highly variable write from Rs 35,000/- Indian to the Rs 3,00,000/- is people are charging in a different clinic. The cost highly depends on an individual clinic.

When somebody opts for beard hair transplant or body hair transplant generally cost goes higher while when there is only scalp hair graft transplantation the cost is usually less.

Am I a good candidate for the follicular unit extraction method of a hair transplant?

Anybody who is having a good Donor area is a good candidate for the follicular unit extraction method of a hair transplant prior to clinical evaluation before the surgery is very important and certain lab investigation and fitness for the surgery is very much important.

Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai 

Cost is an important factor to decide where to do surgery? Cost of Hair transplant in Mumbai is highly variable from 30,000 INR to 3,00,000 Lakh INR. Hair transplant is not remained limited to film industry or glamour world or business class. Due to cost of hair transplant in Mumbai just starts from 30000 INR, it is practically become affordable to even middle class population. But why there is huge difference in cost of hair transplant in Mumbai?

Many factors are responsible to decide the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai. 

 Androgenic alopecia or Male Pattern of Hair Loss is something common nowadays. Around two out three males get affected by MPHL. Best way to overcome it is Hair Transplant Surgery.

Well, for selecting right surgeon patients always stress on two factor

  1.     Results after surgery
  2.     Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai.

Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai is something very important from the patient’s point of view.

Looking for Hair transplant clinic in mumbai to get back your self Confidence?

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Mumbai, city which never sleeps, is also known for hair transplant clinics in Mumbai. Since last few years due to great demand and medical tourism there are over 400 to 500 Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai. Committed results, affordable cost and tourist friendly atmosphere has made Mumbai, as one of the most visited destination for hair transplant surgery in Mumbai.

To achieve best results in hair transplant surgery, we always follow the standard protocol of hair transplant surgery.

Guidelines for best results in hair transplant surgery are always useful for safety of the patient.

Follicular unit extraction method of hair transplant is one the most commonly performed at Dr Vaibhav Shah Hair transplant clinic Mumbai.

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