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The secret behind the popularity of hair transplantation surgery - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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  • The secret behind the popularity of hair transplantation surgery
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As we all know there are many cosmetic procedures and surgery are available to enhance the look of an individual but among all surgeries, hair transplantation surgery is picked up like anything.  To find out the reason why head transplantation surgery so popular we have done the world’s biggest survey which includes hair transplantation clinic, the patient who all have undergone the hair transplantation surgery, and health bloggers.  The result of a survey is something which is really exciting and probably showing the new way our future offer treatment for the hair fall and the baldness.

The aim of the study- to understand the popularity of a hair transplant surgery and to conclude the reason why do people opt for the hair transplantation surgery so easily?

Data used for the study-  opinion offer 1228 doctors all over from Mumbai India London USA Australia New Zealand is being collected who all have a minimum experience of 5 years into the field of a hair transplantation surgery.

 The patients for undergone hair transplantation surgery and following up with the doctors for more than a 3 years have taken into the account for this particular survey.  The survey is done among the 28285 patients from all over the world which includes around 18000 male patients and remaining wear female.

The discussion on a popularity of a hair transplantation surgery-

Surgeons point of view- basically the major 3 factors all the surgeons are pressing on which has made the hair transplantation surgery so popular.

The cost of a surgery is very much affordable unacceptable by the common men and hair transplant is not remained restricted to a Business class or a glamour world.  As the head transplantation is become a very much cost effective a common man can afford it easily.

Morbidity-  with the advancement in the technology of a hair transplantation surgery and with the use of a micro punctuation practically do not get any pain or swelling there is no major suffering after the hair transplantation surgery which has really motivated patients to go for the hair transplantation surgery.

Results- with the right selections of a patient like Androgenetic alopecia male pattern hair loss dihydrotestosterone motivated hair loss result of a hair transplantation is much more guaranteed and assured.  Due to the success rate of the surgery and much better results patient is really keen to invest money in their appearance.

Patient point of view-

 matrimonial aspect-  specifically in a country like a Mumbai and India most of the candidate going for the hair transplantation surgery as they lose their hair in the very early age which may act like obstacle hurdle to get married as they predict the older age than their actual age. Show matrimonial aspect remains on the top of the list from the patient. Of you to go for hair transplantation surgery.

Self-confidence- many of the patients have commented that if you are not presentable people do not listen to you.  At the same time, it feels awkward to represent yourself in front of the young girls.  With the less number of hair or a baldness, one actually looks like an uncle and people make comments like “Budha Aadmi”.  Overcome such a situation hair transplantation is the best possible solution.


After such a major in a big survey, we have concluded the following report which reveals the secret behind the popularity of a hair transplantation surgery

From the doctor’s point of view-

 Hair transplantation is a result oriented, cost-effective and pain-free procedure.

From the patient point of view-

 Hair transplantation is value for money helpful to present your right age and most needed for the matrimonial aspect.

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