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The Best, The Cheap and No Down Time Nose surgery – Be careful! - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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Well, I being Cosmetic surgeon and regular blogger, I firmly believe to educate people for correct direction!

To promote any particular Cosmetic surgery or procedure is important for awareness as well as for right selection of procedures!

Something which is equally important is to educate people for subject of your expertise! There is nothing wrong when you talk about complication associated with certain procedures.


Would like to share my personal experience,

It was late evening hours, somewhere about 9:00  . . . I got a call from my old patient. . . . “Doc, I am having itching on my nose, are you there in clinic? May I come?

As it was Saturday, I was also bit tiered and had given my little one to promise to take him out for dinner. I said “Itching? Take some anti-allergic, you will be fine…

Next morning which is Sunday I got following pictures on my what’s app. . .  . And was shocked!


I said it looks bit abnormal and just not allergic reaction. Allergic reaction are not usually only in well circumscribed area.

We have fix up the meet on Monday. . . . Morning. .

Now I got history in front of me . . .

Actually, boy is well qualified and nice guy but he was very keen for Nose job. . He consulted me long back for Rhinoplasty . . . we made specific surgical plan as well for nose job! He didn’t turn up than! It happens sometimes as cosmetic correction is no die hard emergency. .  .

He is been to someone for same and that particular Doctor recommended for dermal filler for Sharp tip     . . .

This Boy got agree without any other concern as it was The Best, The Cheap and No down time!

I realized Filler is gone to blood vessels and there is necrosis of Skin… .

This particular picture was taken after 3 days of injection.

For me, it was also very much new. . . I must have spoken to 5 different and more experienced Doctors.  . .

The Doctor who injected was really scared and was having equally sleepless nights!


nose-surgery mumbai india usa uae




Dark necrosis skin layer got peel off after 7 days of injection..   We got such skin layer over nose!

Believe me, it was scary . . . .

Boy was really keeping patience and having well out look toward the life!

We have concluded the line of treatment and it was more like

“Wait & watch” . . . .

I was doing dressing to his nose every single day, religiously and without any fails. . .

We also started with Oral antibiotics as well. .


We had also tried to reverse the effect of filler by injection Hyaluronic acid but unfourtunately damaged was already done!

It was not easy! He was having severe pain as well . . . he used to take Painkillers regularly. .  . I really felt that time . . . I wish I could have helped him more than this but it was not in my hands as well!

After 10 days



Even that new layer of skin also got peel off. .  .


Finally, after 12 days we got the below-mentioned picture. No peeling off the skin… No pain and No more damage to the normal structure. . .



Lesson to learn from above case. .  .

  • Cosmetic Surgery is to make one look Normal and not for Regular Clinic visit types . . .
  • Foreign material can cause damage . . . no matter how safe and known brand it is!
  • Complications can happen with anyone and in any small procedures. . .  Be careful!
  • Try to merit and demerit for procedures what you choose for rather than looking for best, cheap and No Downtime!
  • There are best procedures, There are Cheap procedures and there are procedures with no downtime but all of these things NEVER go hand to hand . . .


My only intentions is to educate patients. Have not mentioned any one’s name and any brand name which is being injected as it is least important, More important is a lesson to learn from the mistake  . . . let it be yours or of anyone else.

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