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Vikas Agarwal - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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I am Vikas Agarwal, IT professional. Myself has undergone the hair transplantation surgery around 6 years back. I was having the really good and Happy outcome for almost two to three years, after which what I have observed is like there is a loss of a density in my mid-scalp area and even in a hairline. I was really concerned about it, of course when I went for a surgery in the first time I was not having a great knowledge,  about the hair transplantation. I was just selected one of the biggest brands for hair transplant procedure and I went for it, but after having baldness again I was actually more concerned about it.  I must have done a great Research and studies using all electronic media like Google or YouTube Or even Blogspot.  After good research, I’ve decided to meet 3 to 4 doctors in Mumbai. I basically for my work purpose live in Dubai but my hometown is Mumbai. Undoubtedly the cost of hair transplantation in Dubai is exorbitantly high.  what I have realized is most of the doctors were eager to sell me the hair transplantation procedure.  Dr. Vaibhav Shah, he said if you are not happy despite applying minoxidil regularly, taking vitamin medicine and even the tablet finpecia, you have a such a hair fall then you should not go for a hair transplantation again.  There are certain external factors which are responsible for the hair loss and there are certain internal factors within the body which is also responsible for the hair loss.  The commonest internal factor is hereditary one or dihydrotestosterone secretion which cannot be corrected massively. so my five stars to doctor Vaibhav Shah for his honest opinion and not to push me for the surgical procedure.