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Aribella - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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I am Aribella. My self is legal expert in Birmingham, Great Britain. I was tired of spending money on Botox and Juvederm Filler for my face. None of this treatment is long-lasting. I have also undergone Thread lift and Vampire lift in London, Great Britain. To be frank I was not at all happy with vampire lift and threads. There was only limited results. I thought of Surgical Facelift. I was scared initially for surgery but after watching lot of YouTube video, personal experience of many people have actually prepared me to go for Surgical Facelift. I must say website “Real self” Boosted my confidence also gave me required Information. When I visited Clinics in London for Surgical facelift, I found Charges for Surgical facelift starts from 5000 Pounds and for me it was 9000 pounds were required (To include anesthesia and hospital charges). My budget was only 3000 pounds. I was bit dishearten. Eventually, I actually dropped the idea of Surgery. In one of the party I met my friend April. I found amazing Youthfulness on her face. She actually was looking young like anything. I could not stopped myself. Very next day, I rush to her home. I asked her about secret of “Youthful looks”?. She suggested me Name of Dr. Vaibhav Shah from Mumbai, India. She is undergone for Browlift, Blepharoplasty, Cervico-facial Rhytidectomy from him and that is also in 3000 pounds only. Immediately I took his contact details. I approach Dr. Vaibhav Shah on Phone. Unlike, most of the clinic, I actually got best response over the phone. I must have troubled Dr. Amit Gupta and Bhavana on phone like anything. Dr. Amit Gupta and Bhavana are coordinator for clinic. They have actually helped me like anything. My self being White skin and from Britain, I was nervous as I was going to Foreign Country and totally new Doctor, New people, new environment. I was bit scared as well. The only motivational factor to save money, LOL. I must thank my Boyfriend, Joseph to accompany me in my India tour. In true sense was travelling for “Medical tourism” for first time. My surgery went well. I must say Dr. Shah is very kind-hearted and “Gem of the person”. Unlike most of the Britain clinic, he was not behind money. He operated me for Blepharoplasty, Eyelid, Facelift Surgery, Double Chin, Browlift. His Clinic staff is extremely helpful. They have helped me right from Airport Pick up till the end. I and Joseph decided to go for Goa trip. Beaches of Goa is really amazing. I must say all people who are going for Cosmetic surgery in London are really spending great. Instead, think of Dr. Shah from Mumbai, India. You will get great experience and really affordable cost. Now, me and my friend April both looks really charming. I feel, I look even better than her now, Lol. Many thanks to Magician Dr. Vaibhav Shah. Yes, I have saved 6000 pounds by going for Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Vaibhav Shah, Mumbai, India.