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Story of Maharashtrian Lady - Most read blog - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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I want to share my personal story buy this particular blog my name is Sushma Lad. I am basically a Banker my age is around 47 years. my both were in a typical Maharashtrian family of a Mumbai. I have N2 the typical environment of a Lalbagh Chaal. happiness was something which was really not away from me. I have done my primary education in the nearby school which was basically Marathi medium school. right from the beginning, I was very keen on the maths and Science. I was one of the very bright students of my school. I am always the angel off of my father’s eye. my father used to work with the Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika. he was the officer. my mother, she is the Apple of my eye. my mother is a housewife.

After scoring great marks in my 10th I have got the admission into DG ruparel College. my actual intention or a goal was to become a doctor. you have always been a patient of Dr. Joshi. I just want to be his replica. unfortunately, in my 12th standard, I was not able to score great marks and I had to opt for Bachelor in science. after Bachelors of a science, I have done Masters in a science. I applied for the banking exams and I got cleared. my first post was the accountant at Bank of India and my first salary was 17000 rupees. I still remember the first day when I got a salary in my hand I bought around 20 Vada Pav from Chetna college vada pav for my neighbors and a young kids of Lalbaug Chaal. I bought navvWari saree for my mother. and the first time I purchased a Parker pen worth rupees 750 for my father. I am always been attached to my sister a lot. rest all the money I have given it to my sister and I ask her she can purchase whatever she want to. that was one of the most satisfactory days of my life. eventually, I turned 26 years old. to be frank I was having a crush on one boy from my college. on the last day of a college when there was a farewell, I just cried like a baby and I thought I will never meet him again. by knowing my family background I never courage to express my feeling to that particular boy. I was having was the farewell photograph in which I was wearing the saree of my mother and he was wearing the suit of his father. I thought I do not want to disturb my parents as my parents will not going to accept a love marriage. I was a coward. and I thought I will just leave my life mine following the footsteps of my mother. I started getting the proposal from the boy. I was actually not happy with any of them as it was occupied by someone else. one day my aunt told me someone is coming to see me at my house. I saw the same boy who was lost somewhere in my memories in front of my eyes. I just could not believe my luck. I firmly believe where is a Lalbaugcha Raja actually complete all your dreams.

I can’t ask for anything more from my god as I was having everything. my husband was progressing much faster than me. from the sub-inspector now he has become police in charge. I have also become a mother of two kids. gradually one by one who started evening more than three cars. settle down in Borivali. the time has come when I do not have to work for a money. my kids are grown up like anything. they also started going to the colleges. my husband was always busy and occupied with his work. I don’t know but I have never felt the same happiness what I used to feel by living in a Lal Bagh Chi chawl. do I was having a money motor car all amenities very good job the happiness was missing.

Sleepless Night became something like a common to me as my husband was in a Mumbai police and he was not having any Fixed time to visit the house. something was missing but I was unable to make out what is missing?

I ask my friend, I am not happy can you just figure out what’s wrong with me?

She is a psychotherapist, she just asks me when you had a sex with your husband last time? moment I was speechless. I actually started thinking when I had intimate moment with my husband?

I have gathered a lot of courage to write this particular blog. Why this particular blog I do not want to prove anything I just want to help the female who have the same feeling like me. my kids are busy with their own friend group. my kids my husband the barrel I used to pick up my call anyone after picking up a call the response was fatafat song Kai zhala?

I was upset with my friend I did not answer anything from that day I started thinking why my sex life is gone so down?

From that particular night what I realise my husband is just not interested in me. being a minor lady I tried my best to attract him but I was really not successful. actually shattered from inside and when I saw myself into the mirror what have realized that there is a no charm on my face and have actually become a old lady.

After two months I again went to my friend who was a psychotherapist, and have actually cried in front of her like a baby and I said yes you are correct there is no physical relationship between me and my husband since many years now. we are just living together but we are not filling each other at all. at the same time now I feel I am no more attractive and my husband do not even look at me the way he used to look at me few years back.

My friend suggested me to go for a facial cosmetic surgeon. I visited 223 facial cosmetic surgeon in and around Borivali. I was one beat hesitate to speak about my on flaws. Bandra and Andheri in search of a right cosmetic surgeon who can give me my happiness back. I have come in touch with one very young and dynamic surgeon who is from Borivali any exclusively performs only the facial cosmetic procedures in surgery. he suggested me to go for a thread lift along with the Botox and fillers. the expenses were around 2 to 3 lakh rupees. for me but I was actually more worried for the output of this particular procedures. I took 6 months to read about this particular procedures on a Google. I will share everything with my sister also, she also suggested be the same thing and finally I have decided to go for a facial cosmetic procedure. after the few sittings of a Botox thermophila at a thread lift I got altogether a different charm on my face. I still remember that particular day which was the Anant Chaturthi . my myself with my whole family went for a darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja and that night my husband actually had a spend time with me. my family believe it was again the blessing from the Lalbaugcha Raja. it was just not a one sex for me but it was more than anything else I again started feeling that I am complete women.

I am sure many of the females in the lady is suffer and go through the same because our traditional culture and the mindset we do not open up and do not share our problems with anyone else. I just spoke out as it was really distressing for me. I hope this blog will be read by many people and they all will be equally beneficiary from my own experience. husbands are also not wrong if everyday they get the same Warren bath at home and one day you will sow them chicken biryani they would love to go for it. I have tried have you????

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