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Secret behind Best Results of Hair Transplantation Surgery - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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What is the secret behind the best result of hair transplantation surgery?


If you are actually looking out for a hair transplantation surgery and the result of a surgery is most important to you then you have come to the most relevant page which gives you the most relevant information on “ How to achieve the best results from hair transplantation surgery?

  1. The right selection of the patient-  androgenetic alopecia give is the best result in a hair transplantation surgery.
  2. Good Donor area. – the great density into the donor area,  no white hair into the donor area, the diameter of a hair shaft is a more than 100 Micron in a Donor area gives the best result.
  3. Selection of a technique used for the hair transplantation surgery-  if graph requirement is less than 5000 graft then follicular unit extraction is considered to be the best method.  if graft requirement is more than 6500 graph then strip method or follicular unit transplant is considered to be the best method.
  4. Use of a correct follicular unit extraction punch- correct instrument plays the major role for the best results in a hair transplantation surgery punch size should be 0.9 millimeters to 1m in a diameter and 4 to 5 millimeter into the length.
  5. Harvesting-  harvesting of a graph should be done by the qualified doctor wearing 4.3 X zoom Carl Zeiss surgical loupes gives you the best vision. One can reduce the transaction rate by using surgical loupes.
  6. Storage medium-  hypo- thermosol solution , PRP,   ice slab is considered to be the best storage medium.
  7. Lap time –  time between harvesting of a graft and implantation of a graph should be minimum. If it is less than 2 hours 1 pound to achieve the best result.
  8. Implantation-  no-touch technique or holding a graft at the skin end Gives the maximum result in hair transplantation surgery.  using of 19.5 gauge needle for the implantation and a technique stick and pest method gives phenomenal density in hair transplantation surgery.
  9. No underlying medical illness like thyroid hormone issue ..
  10. No habits like alcohol and cigarette smoking.
  11. Postoperatively 1 milligram of finasteride medicine for a long time duration along with the local application of minoxidil solution 5% 1 ml 2 times in a day for a longer duration actually play a major role into the most successful result of the hair transplantation surgery.
  12. First, three wash should be done by the doctor himself using the 2% ketoconazole shampoo povidone iodine Scrub and Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo is important for the best result of the hair transplantation surgery.
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