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Our Before after results of Hair Transplant - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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Well, Clinic which is been able to help you to predict the most correct age is considered to be the best results-oriented clinic for hair transplant in mumbai.

There are basically only two methods which are followed by Most of the Hair Transplantation surgeons and Hair transplantation Clinics.

  1. Strip method of Hair Transplant
  2. Follicular unit extraction or Micro Punch method of Hair Transplant.

There are many other different names which claim to be Best hair transplant method or new advances in Hair Transplant Surgery, with little modification in technique. The new name is given for marketing purpose only. No technology develops over a few months.

There are many Celebrities who all have undergone with hair transplantation in Mumbai. Many good doctors have done celebrity hair transplant in Mumbai. Undoubtedly, it’s not only one doctor who is considered to be Celebrity hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai.

Word of mouth is most important.

  • Google search.
  • Youtube video.

Such various modalities help to decide Most Results oriented hair Transplant Clinic. The surgeon who is able to show many before after Pictures of Hair Transplant. The surgeon who is also aware of complication and its management after Hair Transplant. The surgeon who is dedicated and having regular work of hair transplant. The surgeon who does not claim over exaggerated things and do not push you for Hair transplant surgery. The surgeon who makes strong eye contact while talking to you can be considered for hair transplant Surgery.