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Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai

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Your search for hair transplantation in Mumbai ends here. Mumbai hair transplant surgeon Dr Vaibhav Shah is known for the best hair transplant in Mumbai India.

Hair Transplant:
At Dr Vaibhav Shah Hair Clinic; Get the best hair transplant in Mumbai (Borivali), India. At our hair restoration clinic, get hair transplant in Mumbai, India at reasonable cost. A visit to our Mumbai clinic gives you the opportunity to meet the doctor for hair loss treatment and hair transplant consultation in Mumbai.

Contact us for hair transplantation in Mumbai, India. We will provide you with more info and help you with your questions about your hair loss problem.

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Hair transplant in Mumbai

For Hair Transplantation in Mumbai, Why go to Dr. Shah's Clinic

Doctor Vaibhav Shah and his team are well-known in the best hair transplant in Mumbai area of Maharashtra, India. He provides luxurious services to her clients at Mumbai based Hair Restoration Clinic in India. Our Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai is not only about more hair, but we are also committed to producing the best Natural looking outcome of Hair Transplantation at most affordable Cost


Hair Transplant Surgery and its Procedure

Transplanting hair from a part of the body to the area where you have the least hair is called hair transplant surgery.Well, basically one anybody loose the hair specifically from the frontal area as well as from the Crown area and starts predicting more age then what his ages is, in that time hair from the occipital area is taken out and as the name suggest it's being transplanted or implanted to the area where you have less hair, this particular procedure is called as a hair transplant surgery.


If you are in Mumbai and want to undergo a hair transplant, you can learn more about the hair transplant procedure at our clinic. Here, we try to help you understand what a hair transplant procedure is, how it is performed, and how we can have performed the best hair transplant in Mumbai.


Charges of Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Charges of hair transplant in Mumbai area and elsewhere have always been very unclear. Read here -- Hair Transplantation at most affordable Cost! There are people who are charging on a grafts, graft is basically a pilo sebaceous unit which contains the follicles some amount of a connective tissue some amount of arrector pili muscle and skin. One graft can contain 2 to 3 Hairs, there are few people who are charging on those grafts there are few people for charging on the follicle it means On the Hair follicle, in any of these two method one cannot counter check, so whatever number is claimed by a Clinic patient have to accept it. Patient have to accept such figures, without any argument so, to charging on the number of a graft or a number of a follicle or number of hair is highly miss guiding. One can charge according to the baldness or amount of a Time required for the surgery. Known and experienced doctors bound to charge higher they are not charging you because they want more money but they are charging you because of their experience and skills.



Ideal and Non Ideal Candidate for the Hair Transplant Surgery?



  • Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplant
    One who is looking older than what his ages is, are considered to be the ideal candidate also the hair transplant surgery is more effective in a male pattern hair loss then female pattern hair loss. It is also very important that one is a disease free like, there should not be a thyroid problem, there should not be hormonal disorders also like diabetes, hypertension there are few contraindication.
  • Not the Ideal Candidate for Hair Transplant
    Hair loss is something which is a very common problem there are multiple reasons because of which one have lost the Hair. It can happen because of one of the most common reason is imbalance in a thyroid hormone also nutritional deficiency. The dandruff on scalp then there is a few medicine which can also causes the hair loss. Physiological conditions like the pregnancy also causes the hair loss, in all this situation hair transplant is not indicated so any female loses the hair after a pregnancy or anybody due to the thyroid imbalance loses the hairs or anyone who has encountered the any sort of any viral infection and start losing the hair, they all are not the ideal candidate for the hair transplant surgery. Also, all females specifically at the elderly age they lose some amount of hair those are also not a very ideal candidate for the hair transplant surgery.  The most ideal candidate for the hair transplant surgery are males or male pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia or dihydrotestosterone motivated hair loss. Basically, the males who are disease free at early age loses the hair those are the people are ideal candidate.

Advantages of hair transplantation

  • Natural hair growth - One of the main benefits is that you will get a natural looking hairline. Surgery involves transplantation of the donor site. Because of this, the texture and look will match your existing hair perfectly.
  • Free of Pain and Scars -As the transplant is performed under local anesthesia, the patient will not feel any pain. While there will be no visible scars as the transplant is performed by the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai.
  • Downtime is minimized - Another added benefit of hair transplantation in Mumbai is that you can resume your normal activities after resting in bed for a few days.
  • Long-term inexpensive option -Hair transplantation in Mumbai is a maintenance-free hair loss treatment. It will last longer. Other methods require immense maintenance and become more expensive over time.
  • Increase self-esteem -You can gain self-confidence and regain a youthful appearance. You must invest your trust in the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai for this.
  • Alter the aesthetics - You will feel more confident and have a youthful appearance if you get the transplant done by the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai.
  • Insured regrowth -Once the procedure is completed, the patient does not have to go to another treatment. Hair will continue to grow throughout your life.
  • Simple process -The process is quite simple. It involves the transfer of hair follicles from the donor to the recipient site. Also, the patient hardly feels a thing as it is performed by the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai under local anesthesia.

Disadvantages of hair transplantation in Mumbai

  • Recovery time: In most cases, people resume their normal work after 3 days after surgery. However, it is possible that one may face swelling, pain, bruising, etc.
  • Long waiting period: The whole transplant procedure can take up to 2 years if the surgeon is reputable due to the delay in the appointment. The whole process takes 3 to 4 months.
  • Expenses involved: The main disadvantage of this surgery is the cost involved. Hair transplantation can be very expensive.
  • New hairline: One more disadvantage of this surgery is that the old hairline cannot be achieved. The transplant will be between the previous and current hairline.

Why It is Advisable to Do Hair Transplant Surgery at Early Age?

Well, in early age due to the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is one of the normal secretion of the body is comparatively in higher amount, which causes the hair loss in anterior hairline and in a Crown area. Eventually this area bald area keep increasing and gives you the looks of an old man. I will always say that there is no one who is a bald or having a no hair on a sides and back area of scalp, because this area is not affected by the dihydrotestosterone hormone. When you go for a hair transplant surgery if you are in early age, it is always more beneficiary at the same time at early age you have the highest requirement to show or to predict your right age then at your elder age.

Why is Hair Transplantation So Popular?

Hair transplantation is basically cutaneous surgery or I would like to say it is the surgery in which the surgeon goes only 3 to 4 mm inside the skin. It is less penetrating then taking any intramuscular injection. Nowadays all hair graft is taken out with the help of a micro punches, hair graft is being implanted either with the implanter or with the needles so because of this procedure is not having a major morbidity.  There is a no great pain, no great illness or no great difficulties to the patient. The surgery is become very patient friendly also Google, YouTube are all digital marketing media is equally responsible to make the procedure famous. At the same time realistic expectation is very important one cannot get 100% hair whatever has lost it before.

What Should You Ideally Expect After the Hair Transplant Surgery?

There are patient who comes to the clinic with the pictures probability 10 years back or seven years back and they want to achieve the same look, which is practically not possible. With the hair transplant surgery, undoubtedly, one get good amount of hair on scalp so he do not look old also he predict his right age but to have same amount of a hair what he was having a 10 or 15 years back is highly impossible thing to achieve. Ideally we have more than 100 or 150 her shaft in a one square cm of a scalp when any hair transplant surgeon going for the best of the best results oriented surgery it is next to impossible to put more than 60 to 70 Hair in one square cm. So, practically half of natural density can only be achieved.  Even if one try to put more than 60 to 70 grafts in one square cm, the result is a skin necrosis because the skin or undermining tissues do not get enough amount of a blood. So if the expectation is to restore 100% of the hair whatever is lost is too high expectation and it is not possible to achieve.

Hair Transplant Side Effects

Generally, the side effects that follow a hair transplant will be minor and will often go away within a few weeks after the procedure. These short-term side effects include:

  • Bleeding and swelling of the scalp:
    One of the most common side effects that patients can experience is bleeding and swelling of the scalp. The nature of hair transplantation means that the follicles will be removed from the areas of the head that see healthy hair growth and transplanted to the treatment areas through incisions. While the Follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is much less intrusive than the traditional FUT method, which required strips of the scalp to be cut, there is still the possibility of minor bleeding and swelling as the transplants heal.
  • Itching:
    Itching is a common side effect of any surgery as areas of the body are trying to heal, and as a result, it is an understandable common occurrence after a hair transplant. However, it is very important not to scratch your scalp to relieve itchiness, as this can lead to displacement of the newly transplanted hair follicles. It could also cause dirt to enter wounds, which could ultimately lead to infection and become dangerous. If the itching continues after the hair transplant procedure, it may be the result of the shampoo you are using, but you can contact one of our aftercare specialists for more information on how to prevent itchy scalp.
  • Shock loss:
    Shock loss refers to the scenario where the newly transplanted hair suddenly falls out after the procedure. This is a surprisingly common complication, but should not be of concern to patients. Actually, patients who experience shock loss will find that their newly transplanted hair will grow back within a few months, as the transplanted follicles on their scalp will remain intact.
  • Infection:
    Inflammation or infection of the hair follicles is known as folliculitis. It can occur as a complication of a hair transplant. Infections of this type can often be treated with a mild antibiotic cream, lotion, or gel. If the infection becomes severe, it is recommended that you contact our aftercare specialists for further medical advice or help.


Why you should refuse free consultation?

Well, whenever there are mouthwatering and practically insensible lucrative offer for hair transplantation than, it's always like someone is showing you carrot so you get into the prison. Practically, whenever any doctor gets a qualification he spends minimum 8 to 9 years of his life, just for the studies, after that in today's time by considering the cost of the space, equipment and everything, it involves lot of money to start any hair transplant Centre. No doctor is practically afford to give free services for any cosmetic surgery or a procedure. Undoubtedly, maximum Charity or maximum help to the mankind is done by a doctor at actual cost or no cost or reasonable cost but for the procedure which is mandatory for the life saving and not the cosmetic procedure like hair transplantation surgery. So, whenever you visit any clinic or any Centre who are into a hair transplant surgery and they offer you free consultation  or free medicine that is all basically to convert lead into business. It is more related to buy best looking stuff.   Also, when you go for free consultation you actually meet some good sales man who wants to sell you some number of grafts. Make sure you meet operating Doctor before you get your surgery done from best counsellor.


FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai, India

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) - At our hair transplant Mumbai clinic,  we do FUE hair transplant. It is also known as follicular transfer (FT) and it is one of two primary methods of obtaining hair follicles, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. The other method is called strip harvesting.

With the Hair Transplant, How Many Patients They Actually are Beneficiary and Are Happy?

Whenever there is a right selection of a patient as well as there is a right selections of a doctor from the patient side the result is always good.  As I mentioned above it is not some illness you are treating it, it is to match with the Desire of an individual which is always difficult. To do right selection is a task but by and large whenever there is a right selection of a doctor and a patient the result and outcome is very happy.

Dr Vaibhav shah clinic is considered to be Best Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai due to its best results oriented work in hair transplant in Mumbai city, India.


How to Select right Hair Transplant Clinic?




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Hair Transplant Before After 

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