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Is it possible to get facelift surgery in 3000 USA dollars?

Well, surgical facelift procedure is a very comprehensive one. When we talk about the cervicofacial rhytidectomy, one require the proper surgical setup. It is ideally done under the general anesthesia. Experience of a surgeon plays major role in the cost.  The surgical procedure goes on for around 4 to 5 hours. Postoperatively for 3 to 5 days need to take IV medications. Follow up of a procedure is equally important. Right from the 2nd day to the three week follow-up is something which is mandatory. so when you conclude everything, right from the infrastructure to the qualification of a doctor to the skills of a doctor, kind of equipment doctor is using the amount of anesthesia needed, the anesthetist charges the assistant charges the follow up charges and practically in any developed country like London or USA or any European country or even Australia New Zealand it is next to impossible to get surgical facelift which is called as a cervicofacial rhytidectomy in 3000 USA dollar.  But, At the same time due to the great difference in a valuation of USA currency in Indian rupees it is easily affordable for the Indian surgeons to offer you surgical facelift or cervicofacial rhytidectomy under 3000 USA dollars. Because of such a great differences into the cost India and specifically the Mumbai is becoming the world destination for the medical tourism as well as for the cosmetic surgery.

What about the standardization of the procedure?  

Is it safe to get yourself operated in country like India?

 The safety of an individual is a basically a responsibility of a doctor.  Proper health evaluation required. Blood investigation before the surgery.  X-ray of the chest, cardiogram of the heart, physician evaluation and anesthetist evaluation before the surgical procedure is something which is mandatory. It is a standard protocol which is maintained everywhere. Safety of an individual cannot be an accidental thing.  There are standard protocol for each procedure and surgery which needs to be maintained. Doesn’t make a difference whether you are into the New York City or you are into London or you are into Mumbai. Not a single doctor would like to have morbidity or mortality in the clinic or with their hand, so by en large all doctors, maintain their standard protocol.  Same with all the Indian doctors, they always ensure the Patient Safety before going for any surgical procedure specifically at doctor Vaibhav Shah clinic right from the blood investigation to the physician evaluation to the anesthetist pre-surgical evaluation is something like a protocol without all this green signals from individual Dr Vaibhav Shah do not take up a patient for surgery so by maintaining such a high standard protocol the safety of a patient is insured.

What about the desired result?  

What if I do not get the desired result after a surgery?

Is there a guarantee of result?

Whenever anybody choose for any particular cosmetic surgery they are actually going for the elective procedure. For elective surgery in which there is no hard and fast of a choosing a surgeon or getting yourself operated. The correct selection or the right selection of a surgeon is a key role to get the best Desire result.  Usually what we have seen for hair transplant anybody who is going for the a hair transplantation surgery procedure or Face lift surgery procedure they spend minimum 2 months to 8 months on the Google search. The communication with many doctors and try to understand what are the pros and cons of the surgical procedure and after the best understanding they go ahead with the surgery.  as far as the guarantee of a result is concerned, doctor try the level best to give you the committed result but one also need to understand that there are limitations of each and every procedure, to be open and Frank with your doctor when you go for the consultation speak to them about your actual requirement. Guarantee of the result can only be given by those clinic who wants guarantee of your money.  As we said earlier you can’t expect even Messi to give you the goals in each and every 10 minutes of the game. We spend good enough time let it be the Skype consultation, let it be the WhatsApp consultation and let it be the individual consultation. When patient is come down to the Mumbai after understanding the patients requirement if we believe we are able to take a Responsibility to deliver you the desired result of any particular cosmetic procedure which you are selecting then only we take up or work in our hand.  It is very important that there should not be a communication gap between the doctor and the patient. Dr Vaibhav Shah is well trained only into the facial cosmetic surgery and hair transplant surgery we want to emphasize on a point that doctor Vaibhav Shah do not do the body contouring and any other part of body except Face and hair. As the old saying “practice makes you perfect” Dr Vaibhav Shah has cutting edge in a procedure which he is performing. His opinion is very clear. One actually need to do a personal experience with doctor Vaibhav Shah to understand his point of you because at Vaibhav Shah clinic we take up a responsibility to give you the Desire look rather than are selling you any surgical procedure.  Dr Vaibhav Shah is trained himself under Doctor Joe Niamtu, who is one of the best facial cosmetic surgeon in the world so his technique and his protocol and everything is by and large of USA standards.

What about the services in India for cosmetic surgery?

Due to the great differences in to the value of currency, Mumbai is becoming hub for the cosmetic surgical procedure.  Like value of a one pound is around 90 Rupees while value of a 1 US $ is around 65 Indian rupees.

Mumbai also have a great connectivity. Like one can actually come from London to Mumbai just in 8 hours. Mumbai is one of the busiest International Airport, so the transportation to the Mumbai is easy. The standardization of a treatment is everywhere, the cost is much more lesser in India than developed countries like USA and UK. Also, if you go to see the population of India is great so the Indian doctors are equally experience or rather they are more experience than any doctor in any developed countries.  By keeping all these factors in a mind Mumbai is becoming a world destination for a Cosmetic surgery. One more thing which I would like to emphasize is, the Mumbai itself is a city of joy. It is an economical capital of India at the same time it is very safe. One can easily walk down the street of a Mumbai even at night two. The safety of a Mumbai is due to the Mumbai Police. The Mumbai Police is considered to be the world top 5 Agencies for security, so as I said previously due to all the reasons Mumbai is becoming world destination and more and more patients from different countries coming Mumbai for the cosmetic facial surgery and hair transplantation surgery.

Well, I in my clinic, previously be used to get calls or enquiries through abroad patients, we have started getting quite a few foreign speaking language patients in our clinic. Gradually it has helped us to understand their requirement so we have started giving a services like pick up from the airport, help them with the accommodation, ETC. . . .  . We have language translators in our clinic for better communication. We have a translators like a French to English or Arabic language to English in our clinic, which is really helpful to the patient who cannot speak English. We have basically the concept called clinic coordinators, As doctor Vaibhav Shah clinic, the sole purpose of a clinic coordinator is to ensure whatever the patient requirement is been fulfilled by those clinic coordinator, right from picking up the patient from the airport to the accommodation to the food even the local sightseeing, post-surgical hotel drop facilities, moral support, even after the surgery is all managed by the clinic coordinator. We are really happy to have Dr Amit Gupta and Bhavna as our clinic coordinator have been doing this particular job since last 3 to 4 years and their expert in such a things. They can actually offer you the best User experience while they are in a Mumbai and they can actually guide you also rest of the trip.

Concept Clinic Coordinator

Due to the heavy workload and as doctor Vaibhav Shah Clinic is becoming a well known destination for the facial cosmetic surgery doctor Vaibhav Shah himself is a quite busy or occupied with the surgical procedure and seeing patients in persons. so we have already coordinator in our Clinic and we are happy to have Dr Amit Gupta and Bhavna as our clinic coordinator their contact detail and the Skype ID is given here in a link you can easily get in touch with them right from your requirement what is your desire for the looks and everything they will just co-ordinate with doctor Vaibhav Shah they will make sure they explain your requirement to the doctor and doctor procedures to you.  The clinic coordinators in our clinic a doctor Vaibhav Shah clinic they all are experience with minimum three years they all can even speak French language fluently for better patient experience also they will do Skype with you on WhatsApp with you without any charges we always make sure we only chat the patient when the patient comes to our clinic they see our facility busy and meet Dr Vaibhav Shah personally then only we actually charged with the patient we do not have a concept of a charging in advance because we believe patient has a complete right to decide the surgeon even after coming to our clinic or a Centre patient can refuse to go ahead with the surgery in this situation we do not charge anything to the patient.  Clinic coordinators they have got the best idea about the pre-operative was the post-operative work as well as what are the local sightseeing. What is the requirement of a patient to help them with the change in a currency or the currency exchange, method of a payment everything will be done by the coordinators and they are bound to give you the best User experience at Dr Vaibhav Shah clinic for facial cosmetic surgery.

Do I have to pay for clinic coordinator services?

No it is been included in the cost of a surgery when you come we do not have any hidden cost at our clinic.  By and large clinic coordinator will be able to give you the exact amount of the charges what is required for the surgical procedure.  We believe to earn Goodwill by serving Our International guest rather than just expecting money out of them. Such a thought process of earning Goodwill from our overseas patient has made Dr Vaibhav Shah clinic as one of the best or one of the leading clinics for a facial cosmetic surgery in Mumbai.

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