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We enhance the beauty beyond the Skin, Change or develop the attractive personality by changing Feature with Chin Implant, Silicone Implants with Best Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Vaibhav Shah.

Dr Vaibhav Shah is exclusively specialist in to the facial cosmetic surgery and procedures. He just do not Treat for flawless skin. He is promised to give new features or appealing look to an individual which broadly comes under the category of a facial sculpting.


How to look more attractive?

Well, in cosmetics there are certain criteria by which one can look attractive or catchy.  Basically FACE is vertically divide into the five half as per the diagram shown below. Horizontally divided into three lines as per this criteria. When the facial parameters as per given diagram one bound to look more attractive. At the same time the prominent cheekbones prominent, Chin bone, sexy lips, sharp nose, broad eyes proper hair all this makes one look more attractive. We as always try to achieve such golden ration on Face. Desire of an individual may vary according to his or her understanding of Looks, as promising Cosmetic Facial Surgeon we always try to achieve such golden ratio on Face for more attractive looks. Beautiful looks is just not god gift, now a days it can be purchased as well.


What is facial implants?

To enhance the beauty of the face there are silicone implants available which is usually made by two companies internationally the name of the companies are “Implantech” and “Nagor”.  Depending upon the facial and the jaw size the selection of implant is done. Under a surgical procedure this implant is placed on the Desire site usually the cheek implant and the chin implant.  Something which is very common nowadays with the “Facial bony defect’. In case of such Bony Defect we can even place Custom made Jaw or Facial Implant. We also to get custom made implant like “Mandibular Angle Implant”, “Lip Implant” or “Body implants” according to the requirement of an individual. when you do such changes it broadly changes your face in the features completely which is called as a facial sculpting.


Chin implants or Cheek implants is a surgical procedure?

Yes, under general anesthesia through intra-oral approach the pouch is created on Chin or on a Malar eminence.  After creating a pouch the implant is placed, it is always better to fix it with the titanium screw so it does not move inside after putting a implant. After achieving a hemostasis, suturing is to be done.  it is basically an intraoral procedure that is no obvious visible scar outside the face. It is a day care procedure, no need of a hospitalization when you go for a facial implants. Visible result is very much prominent just after the surgery, one do not need to wait for longer period of a time.  Mild swelling and bruising is expected. little bit amount of a pain is also expected over a period of a one to two weeks everything gets settle down and one can achieve really Desire result. The most important part of doing a facial sculpting is just not treating the skin but it is addressing your beauty or enhancing your features beyond the skin and make it look more attractive.  Undoubtedly, very few cosmetic procedures are there, which is “permanent and reversible”. The facial Implant is one of them, as if somebody is not liking it we can remove it within probably 45 minutes to 1 hour. At the same time no need to do repeated procedure like Botox and Filler every 12 months for 15 months. So Facial Implants is permanent and reversible which is the beauty about the procedure.


How to select the right size of the facial implants?

Correct size of a plant is something which is very important. At the same time the fixation of Facial implant using a titanium screw is also important.  The experience of a surgeon and understanding of a surgeon regarding facial cosmetic actually lead to the correct size of the implant for the patient. Usually it is difficult for to understand and to select the right size of a implant for ill experienced clinic. As we are only into the facial cosmetic and hair transplant we deal with such a procedure very regularly.  Dr.Vaibhav Shah as phenomenal experience with the facial implants undoubtedly the correct size of an implant play a key role in enhancing the features of the face. Also, Most of the time Dr. Vaibhav Shah trim the some part of Implant according to need of an individual on Table.


What are the other procedure for facial sculpting?

Facial sculpting is not something which is done by everyone.  Depending upon the so many aspect including dividing face into the vertical 5 lines, horizontally 3 lines apart from the cheek bone enhancement, Chin bone enhancement, everything comes to an account.  Such “Face Changing” surgeries involved so the thorough evaluation and Experience. The right selection of a surgeon is very important but the other procedure along with the facial implant for a facial sculpting can be done like removal of a “Buccal fat pad removal” or inject “Dermal Filler” for broadening the jaw size or achieving a chiseled jaw.  Enhancing the volume of a lip to make it more juicy or bulky or make it prominent. Reducing a volume of a cheek with “Botox” (Muscular Masseter Hypertrophy”). Apart from that the correction in a nose “Rhinoplasty” or making a nasal tip prominent. These are the quite a few features which can be created or generated on someone face which is called as a facial sculpting. Correct Combination of Procedure or execution of planned treatment is equally important.  According to Dr. Vaibhav Shah “Facial Sculpting” is 75 % is planning and 25 % is execution of plan.


What is the Cost of Cheek implants or Chin implants?

After removing the cost of the material usually the surgical procedure charges varies from 50,000 to 70,000 depend upon the surgeon to surgeon.  Also the surgery procedure is done under the general anesthesia so that also charges are calculated separately.


What Am I correct candidate for the Facial Implant?

If you have a deficiency in your chin bone or if you have a deficiency in your cheek bone or you feel like you want to have a prominent Chin or Jaw line  or Cheeks then you are a correct candidate for the procedure. As while doing any facial sculpting it is a Desire what we try to achieve and not the disease what we are treating.  So the patient call is important than the doctor’s call. The time is gone when the flawless skin was only the parameter for the beauty, in today's time the attractive Facial Features is probably the Desire. Feature Enhancement or Correction on a face is something which is more common and people would like to go for it.


Is there any difference in to the dermal filler and this Implants?

Yes, the Dermal Filler is basically injectable material which goes inside the skin imbibes the secretion from adjacent tissue and improve the volume. It gives bulk on given Anatomical structure. The basic function of the implant is also the same, but the differences implant has a fixed shaped and one need put it surgically and one need to make sure the position wherever we are putting it, should remain the secure it should not shake. For Dermal Filler, I would like to say it is the best Non-surgical tool for anti-aging purpose. Dermal Filler goes really well with the laughing lines and probably creating better lip lines.  When requirement is enhancing the volume of a cheek or giving the prominent chiseled jawline that time rather than a filler the implant plays more important role. lot of people prefer Dermal Filler over the implant the reason behind this is Dermal Filler is not a surgical procedure but let me tell you there are incidences of a blindness with the Dermal filler (When not injected properly in peri-orbital area, more specifically in “Tear trough”) but there are no incidences of such a major complication with this implants. Undoubtedly one require more skills to put implants than Dermal Filler. In my opinion, to put some Implant is much safer than going for a dermal Filler. Undoubtedly what is the requirement of a patient and what is the outcome of the procedure one wants to achieve is also important.


Patient review-

Hello guys my name is Amit Rajput I am basically into the aviation industry always wanted to have a very prominent chin as well as the cheek, and I have undergone dermal filler injection to improve the volume of the cheeks and Chin for a multiple times I was really happy with the Dermal filler but recently I have come across with one of the article in which it was clearly mentioned there are quite a few patients have gone blind after using a dermal filler .I was really scared after reading this particular article my one of the friend who is an air hostess with me she recommended me the name of doctor  Vaibhav Shah. When I will come to know this particular doctor Dr Vaibhav Shah who specialist only into the facial cosmetic surgery and procedure I was actually excited to meet him. In a first meeting we have spent around 1 hour 30 minutes, he is very humble and very down to earth and very polite. I never felt that I am with the doctor I always felt someone my friend who is giving me the right advice. His approach is totally different he was never into a selling any procedure to me. He made me understand the importance of each procedure. Believe me, He has given me a good explanation for around 1 hour. It was a really knowledge gaining program for me as well.  After the initial Consultation with Dr. Vaibhav Shah, I really felt the difference as I have undergone a dermal filler for a multiple times. I know how other people they behave with you, they usually ask you how many syringes you want to go for? As cost of dermal filler depends upon the syringes. Dr Vaibhav Shah was really kind enough to understand my requirement. The best thing about Dr. Vaibhav Shah is when he select the procedure money is not his concern he just talk about the procedure and he wants to give you the best. undergone for both cheek implants chain implants I've also undergoing for a surgical procedure called buccal fat removal and I have pump few amount of a filler on my lips and an angle of a mandible to make it more prominent. The kind of a looks what I have achieved believe me now I am looking so far superior and I have tried even modelling also I start getting the consignment for the same.



Facial sculpting before and after 

Here are Facial sculpting after before images ndia by Dr. Vaibhav Shah