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Due to the exclusivity in Facial Plastic Surgery practice which is restricted to Head, Face and Neck region Dr. Vaibhav Shah is considered to be “The Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai”. At Dr. Vaibhav Shah Clinic “The Best Facial Plastic Surgery” results are achieved. After Maxillofacial Surgery training Dr. Vaibhav Shah has done various fellowships in Cosmetic Surgery in abroad. As skin lesions especially Skin cancers is commonest in the USA or Type 1 skin,  use of local flaps or best cosmetic restoration after excision of pathology becomes very Important, especially when it on Face.

There are many pathologies on Face which need to be excised & need CCPDMA – complete circumferential peripheral and deep margin assessment. There are certain deformities also which need the best local flap reconstruction for best Cosmetic and functional Restorations.  Here we have few case presentation using local flaps for best cosmetic output.  In this particular post, we have more concentrated on Pictures as one picture is equivalent to one thousand words. Pictures give an easy and most clear understanding of any Cosmetic Surgery cases. (Photographic release consent is taken from each patient for education and promotional activity)

Case 1 – Young boy having Nevi or Mole on Nose tip

Local flap design – Rectangle flap for best cosmetic results. 

Immediate post-surgery

Final results:

Case 2 – Correction of Whistle deformity by using Local flap on the lip with Minimal fat grafting.

Immediate after Surgery Results 

Post-Surgery Results 

Case 3 –  Correction of crooked Ear lobe with local flap reconstruction

Before Correction

Immediate after surgery

After surgery pics

Case 4- Burn mark on Face on young girl

Flap design for excision of Burn mark

Final outcome of surgical procedure

Case 5 – Excision of Facial cyst from left side of cheek

Before surgery pics

Immediate after surgery

Final results of facial surgery

Case 6 – Excision of Nevi from face

Immediate after surgery

Final results after few weeks

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