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Facial Feminization surgery in India - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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Facial Feminization surgery in India

Facial Feminization surgery in India is one of the most helpful facial Feminization surgery to predict desired gender. Dr. Vaibhav Shah is considered to be most renowned surgeon for Facial Feminization surgery in India as his area of expertise is Maxillofacial surgery. Minor details which makes major changes in any transgender life is well explained.

What is facial feminization surgery and what are the steps of facial feminization surgery?

There are different features on a male face and different on female face. Whenever anyone choose the gender change procedure apart from the genitalia even from the facial appearance one need to look like a female, which is equally important.  The difference in a sex is just not because of the genitals and the breast, even the facial features make a huge difference in deciding the sex of an individual. Changes whatever required to look like a female and all the surgical procedure which is performed to make a male look like a female is called female feminization surgery.


What are the different procedures involved into the facial feminization surgery?

Female feminization surgery is really a unique procedure it's not about the sagging skin fat pads and the bags over the eyelid. It is about giving a totally different identity.  Add a new personality to someone which requires lot of evaluation and skills. Undoubtedly, the most experience surgeon can do the best job. Surgery part is a one aspect but the right evaluation of the patient face is also equally or even more important. Each patient who would like to go for a female feminization surgery required tailor-made procedure. There is a no quick fix therapy. At the same time there are no specific steps to follow to create a male face into a female face.

In general following procedure can be considered when anybody opt for the female feminization surgery.


Hairline- Males have a prominent temporal angle. The frontal hairline and the temporal angle has a distinguish obtuse angle. Which is common with the male hairline.  While in a female hairline, there is no prominent temporal angle as well as frontal hairline merges with the temporal angle with the curve shape. Even the direction of a hair shaft is different.  So whenever anybody wants to go for the female features, the change in a hairline is very important criteria. One cannot go with the sharp temporal angle and very prominent obtuse angle between the frontal hairline and temporal hairline. Such changes in a hairline is a great features or a great tool to make someone look like a female.

Forehead-  male and female both can have short or a long forehead but the prominence on the superior orbital Rim is something which is a distinguish features of a Male forehead, while in female there is no prominence on the superior orbital Rim is present. Which makes their face flat and are comparatively more stable than the males.  So the Trimming of superior Orbital Rim bone as and when and where ever it is required, one can actually give you the more female appearance then the male.

Eyebrow- Undoubtedly, the eyebrow of a female is one of the most appealing features on a face. Proper Eyebrow always look much most sensual or appealing.  Shape of eyebrow is way too much different in males and females. In females it is thin but having sharp curve while in males it is thick and blunt. One can always change density of hair in eyebrow and one can always change even shape of eyebrow. This may look minor point but actually makes great impact in overall appearance.

Mid face OR cheekbone-

The Malar eminence which is called as the most projectile portion of the maxillary jaw is always very prominent and sharp in females, which actually give them the appearance of a female face.  While in a male the cheek bone or a Malar eminence is not that much prominent, so in a female feminization surgery it’s important that you go for cheek correction and make Malar eminent more prominent. That can be done with the HA dermal filler. The durability of a Derma filler is 12 months to 15 months and whenever you select for the female feminization procedure you are looking out for the something which is long lasting. The cheek implants is one of the best possible option. There are two company which makes the implant really nicely one is “Implantech” and other is “Nagor”. “Imaplntech” is USA based company and other one is the “Nagor” which is Britain based company. One can actually go for the customized implant but usually the large size OR the extra-large size implants fit well and bring desired changes.  It’s very important you take care while putting such implant, always when placing the any facial implants the intraoral approach is most preferable to avoid any scars on a face. Whenever you fix the implant with the screws it gives its stability and long lasting durability so the enhanced cheekbone is very important features can be done for the appearance of a female features.


Generally the widespread Alar base is more common in males while the female they have smaller nose or the small alar base. Individual evaluation of a face is very important it required lot of time spending with patient. No communication is most important. One can do the tip platy along with the Alar base reduction to give a female features, depending upon requirement.

Chin bone-

Prominent jaw Line or a prominent chain is something which is a very common features among the males, nowadays with the better understanding of aesthetics lot of young males even go for the chiseled jawline using a HA dermal Filler. There are males who even go for the chin implant to make it more prominent. The prominent chin bone is a feature of a strong male personality. Not a single male would like to go for a chubby cheek appearance or lethargic appearance on a face. The tight skin over the lower border of the mandible gives you the muscular look.   In Female feminization surgery as per need we have to reduce the required amount of chin prominence or have to shave some amount of chin bone. Sometime along its extended area to the body of a mandible gives you the most female appearance so by doing shaving of the Chin bone one can actually give the features of female on the face of a male.


Usually mails have more bulky cheek than the female, the credit goes to the buccal fat pad. So whenever you off for the female feminization surgery buccal fat pad removal becomes the important aspect of the procedure. The whole procedure of a buccal fat pad removal is done through the mouth intra orally and No visible scars outside.  It is not a major surgical procedure one can easily do it under a local anesthesia or in a general anesthesia. It is very important one do not remove the whole amount of a fat which is there but one remove only the excess fat pad from both the sides by enhancing the cheek bone and reducing the buccal fat pad and reducing the or shaving of the Chin bone one can actually get the features of a female.


I, Dr Vaibhav Shah is writing this particular of article after a great evaluation.  I must have observed more than 8000 males and females. I can say this with the confidence, the female upper lip is much more sexually appealing. While in the male upper lip is with proper cupid bow the correct columella. The great popping bulge on the center portion of a lip can actually make a female much more female than the males. At the same time the total length of a lip that is from the base of the nose to the exterior most part of a lip is longer in males, while in female it is short. So just below the nose, we have to do some small correction which is called as a lift procedure. In Lip lift 2 to 3 mm of the skin is removed and the lip is being lifted. One need to make sure we do not touch the orbicularis oris muscle while doing a procedure.  Injecting a HA Dermal Filler is one of the best option to get the female sexy lips.

Any other adjective procedure-

As I said right from the beginning the individual person required the individual surgery the given article is just the example for someone who is searching for the female feminization surgery or what are the probable procedures what one can think of undoubtedly in a personal consultation after comparing a lot of pictures in all the profile and all the angle one can take the best decision.


Why Mumbai is a preferred destination for facial feminization surgery?

The cost of the female feminization surgery is really high.  Specifically, when you know you have to go for the multiple surgical procedure. To get the proper female features it not possible to correct it with only one or two surgical procedure it always required the multiple surgical procedure, in that situation the cost become very important factor. In European countries or America or even in Great Britain the cost is much higher or I would like to say ten times higher than the Indian market.  As the population of a Mumbai it's really high and probably you can say one of the densest population so equally the requirement of a Cosmetic surgery is higher and we have a surgeon's like Dr Vaibhav Shah who is only into the facial cosmetic surgery and procedure and not touching the belly and boobs. This particular approach toward the surgical procedure make Dr. Vaibhav Shah very clean and having the cutting edge in the facial cosmetic surgery.  Undoubtedly, when you keep on doing the one procedure repeatedly your understanding about the procedure and your experience improve a lot. The value of Indian rupee is much lesser than the value of United Kingdom pound or USA Dollar or even Australia New Zealand or any European countries. So one can get the best of the best surgeon at most affordable rates or I would like to say really at cheap rate in Mumbai. Also in India there is a tradition of considering all guest is our god. So most people have in general good experience with India.  Dr Vaibhav Shah firmly believes in following bottom line

“Sell your honesty, invest your time”

This particular attitude of a doctor Vaibhav Shah made him popular into the foreign countries as well as overseas patient for any cosmetic procedure and surgery in Mumbai. Just within the few years Dr Vaibhav Shah is become actually one of the biggest service provider for overseas patient in field of a facial cosmetic surgeries including female feminization surgery.