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Facelift Surgery in Mumbai - Dr Vaibhav Shah Clinic

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Looking for cosmetic surgeon offering facelift surgery in mumbai, India. Sagging and Bagging with time on face is very obvious. There are many modalities like Botox, Filler, HIFU, and Thread for Ant aging effects on face. Unfortunately, none of them is permanent. Only Permanent solution is Surgical Face lift. In medical terminology it is called as Cervicofacial Rhytidectomy. Rhytid means wrinkles and rhytidectomy means removal of wrinkles.

There are mainly five steps of Surgical face lift which is well demonstrated her:-

The very first step of any surgery is always Incision in making, in the facelift surgery you can see the incision making which is around the ear.  It starts right from the lower border of a temporal area runs in a preauricular area just go around the ear and then it is going posteriors to scalp. we have done the incision marking for the patient who is around 60 years old she is undergone for Botox, fillers, thread lift & HIFU, which is basically high-intensity focus ultrasound for a multiple time even despite doing all these things she was not satisfied, as all these procedures are temporary.

Step 1: Complete Detail on face lift Surgery by Dr. Vaibhav Shah in Mumbai, India


Step 2: The second step of the surgery which is hydro dissection and the liposuction-

As we all know the distribution of FAT is common with aging. We have to dissect over the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, which responsible for aging. From the incision line we inject the lipolysis solution which dissolve the fat and then using the high vacuum suction machine with take out or without the fat from the face it’s very clearly visible in a video how to perform the hydrodissection as well as liposuction on a face I also called as a hydrodissection.


Step 3:  SMAS tightening

Just beneath the skin and subcutaneous layer we have SMAS layer, medical terminology it is called as superficial musculoaponeurotic system well this is one layer which is responsible for a youthful look of an individual. This layer right from the SCALP  we have till on neck. whenever we perform any surgical facelift we try to concentrate for the 3 “R” first R is for the resuspension Second “R” is for the resurfacing and third “R” is for the regeneration.  the surgical facelift the resuspension is possible, here as you can see the video after dissecting the skin just above SMAS LAYER we cut the sum amount of this SMAS LAYER and we tighten up with the help of suture material for the lifetime when you tighten up LOOKS.

Complete Detail on face lift Surgery by Dr. Vaibhav Shah in Mumbai, India


Step 4 – Skin removal

Facelift surgery is one of the most known cosmetic surgery undoubtedly no one would like to have a scar or any marks on the face so when we operate for a facelift surgery we make sure you do not leave behind with the long and big and ugly scars the incision of a facelift surgery is around the ear. As you know and when we do the suturing we make sure we give you a very aesthetic closure.  Once we excise the required skin we get rid of excess jowl and wrinkles and achieve best results for face lift surgery.


Step 5 – Suturing or Closure. After facelift surgery we tend to do closure and two layers for a speedy recovery, Closure is always along the Incision line.



Cost of Facelift surgery in India?

At Dr. Vaibhav Shah clinic, Mumbai, India, we offer best facelift surgery at most economical rates. We have clinic coordinator who help our overseas patients for most comfortable and pleasure stay in Mumbai. We follow all international protocol for surgery and undoubtedly we are committed to producing the best results in facelift surgery. Unlike the USA where the cost of facelift is 12000 USA$ in India we provide facelift surgery at just 3000-5000 $. India is the emerging capital of Medical tourism and Dr. Vaibhav Shah is being Top Cosmetic Facelift surgeon is the leader in facelift surgery in Mumbai, India. Complete Detail on facelift Surgery by Dr. Vaibhav Shah in Mumbai, India




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