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Cost of sex change surgery - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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The cost of sex reassignment surgery plays a major role in selecting the best sex reassignment surgeon in India. The cost of sex-change surgery depends upon multiple factors. The most common sex reassignment surgery is male to female (MTF) sex-change surgery.

In Male to Female sex change surgery following surgical procedures is common and recommended to predict female appearance.

  • Facial Feminization surgery.
  • Breast work.
  • Voice change surgery.
  • Hormonal therapy.

How much it will cost me for Male to female surgery in India?

In India, Mumbai at most reasonable and affordable cost sex change surgery starts from 2lac INR. It goes up depends upon the number of surgery is required.

To look like a female, which all surgery, should I go for first?

  • Undoubtedly, Facial Feminization gives the best prediction of the female face. Facial feminization surgery involved multiple surgeries as follow-
  • Frontal bone shaving.
  • Chin Reduction.
  • Cheek enhancement.
  • Female hairline.
  • Lip lift.
  • Prominent jawline.
  • Small nose.

How many days does it take for recovery after Facial Feminization Surgery?

One needs to be hospitalized for at least 3 to 5 days. For complete recovery, it takes around 3 to 5 weeks after surgery.

Cost of Sex reassignment surgery is a concern to me, I have very much limited budget for Facial Feminization surgery but ant best results, what to do?

Dr. Vaibhav Shah from Mumbai, India is considered to be the “Best Facial feminization surgeon of India” Dr. Vaibhav Shah has great respect for the whole transgender community. Also, Dr. Viabhav Shah is always considerate for cost and willing to help everyone.


How do I get in touch with the Best sex-change surgeon of India and Mumbai?

Sex change surgery is not a very commonly done surgery. Very few surgeons are involved dedicatedly into Facial feminization surgery. Dr. Vaibhav Shah who is the Best Facial feminization surgeon of India is actively involved in FACIAL FEMINIZATION SURGERY. One just needs to get in touch with the clinic either by call or whatsapp on +9108451068031 or email to us on drshahplastic@gmail.com


I am traveling from foreign country to India, Mumbai for MALE TO FEMALE SEX CHANGE SURGERY, what will I get in the package?

  • At Dr. Vaibhav Shah clinic Mumbai, India, we provide you a complete package to foreign patients. Right from; Pick up service from the airport (Mumbai) to accommodation to local sightseeing to surgery to drop back to Mumbai airport. We want our patients to be stress-free when they are in India.
  • We have a clinic coordinator which will help you first with online or video consultation with a doctor.
  • All your pictures and video is your personal property, we do not display to anyone.
  • The exact line of treatment and complete Information will be provided to you.
  • Dr is also available online for any medical queries or doubt related to medical concerns.
  • A total quotation will be given to you (No hidden charges and no extra charges will be added to given quotation)
  • Book your dates.
  • We will be there to receive you from Mumbai Airport.
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