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Cost of Facelift in India - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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Dr. Vaibhav Shah is well known for his facelift surgery in Mumbai and India. Due to his exclusivity in facial Cosmetic surgery, he has developed BEST RESULTS IN FACELIFT surgery. Dr. Vaibhav Shah operates only above the collar bone, which means he is not into body contouring. Dr. Vaibhav Shah FACELIFT SURGERY in Mumbai & India is also known for his cost-effective and budget FACELIFT surgery in India. For over a decade Dr. Vaibhav Shah is dedicatedly and effectively helping around the globe for Facelift surgery in Mumbai and India.


Cost of facelift surgery in India, Mumbai?

There are basically two types of Facelift is available.

  1. Surgical Facelift also called as Cervico-facial Rhytidectomy
  2. Nonsurgical Facelift- Use of Botox, Fillers, Threads, RF, etc.

We will be talking on Surgical Facelifts only.

In surgical Facelift, we have mini Facelift. Mini Facelift means only 2 to 3 inches from the ear are addressed in the surgical field. When there are not major jowl formations around the lower face but just for better tight appearance 2 to 3 inches skin is elevated from the ear and tighten up, it is called as a mini facelift.



Surgical field of Mini facelift

Deep plane Facelift or Complete Facelift

Whenever there is excessive sagging ad bagging is there on face, Deep plane facelift is advised. In deep plane facelift 8 inches skin from the ear is elevated and Superficial Muscular apo-neurotic system is tighten up. Also, in full facelift, on neck Liposuction and, platysma plication, tighten up of platysma is done.


Deep plane facelift

Benefits of Face lift?

Face lift is a common name. Cervico-Facial Rhytidectomy is scientific name of Facelift or Neck lift surgery. Meaning of Rhytidectomy is removal of excess skin or excess of jowl.

Females, usually after the age of 35- 40, starts developing jowls or excess skin around the neck. It is commonly known as “Turkey neck”.  Such jowl or excess skin is usually prominent around neck and lower border of jaw line which is the biggest problem.

Excess of fat or rather redistribution of fat around the face causes the bulkiness n the face. With the age Females usually develops lots of bagging and sagging on and around the face. Such bulky face is just unwanted by most of the lady. To enhance the firm and tightness on face Facelift is most ideal procedure.

Benefit if Facelift is as follow-

  • It is permanent procedure.
  • Results are long lasting and natural.
  • Unlike , Botolinum toxin and Dermal filler which is Non surgical facelift, facelift surgery  is permanent.
  • Only in surgical facelift we remove excess skin.
  • Non surgical facelift , never address the excess skin.
  • In deep plane facelift , SMAS (superficial Muscular Apo neurotic  system) basically suspension kind of net is tighten up , which gives long lasting and natural results.
  • Cost effective.

Procedure of facelift

  • Facelift is done under General anesthesia. So after giving General anesthesia face is clean with scrub and antiseptic solution. Face is draped in usual surgical manner.
  • Local anesthesia infiltration with done with Lignocaine solution and Adrenaline to control the pain and reduce the bleeding.
  • It is important to make facelift incision when patient is awake and not after giving general anesthesia.
  • With the help of cannula liposuction is done all throughout the face. At Dr Vaibhav Shah clinic. Platysma placation is also done to ensure the firmness and tightening the neck area.
  • After opening envelop flap for FACE LIFT surgery carefully SMAS layer is cut.
  • Anchoring suturing done with 2-0 Vicryl sutures
  • It is very important to perform SMASECTOMY as when you address SMAS (Superficial Muscular Apo neurotic System) than only results of Facelift surgery is long lasting.
  • It is important to control the bleeding. Correct surgical plane is key to NOT to have numbness after the Facelift surgery.
  • Once SMASECTOMY is done , excess skin is pulled around the ear. Excess skin needs to be removed by the surgeon.
  • Drains are placed to remove the secretion.
  • Closure is done with 3-0 Ethilon or 4-0 Ethilon sutures.
  • Tight compression dressing is very useful to have minimal swelling around the face.
  • It is important to give propped up position. Over night or 12 hours under observation is important.


How safe is Facelift surgery in India?

Well, protocol in any surgical procedures always remains the same. Undoubtedly, India and Indian Doctors are blessed with good surgical hand. Credit for good surgical hand goes to Population in India. India is almost second highest populated country in world. Indian Doctors and surgeons are easily exposed to great amount of work during their education of becoming surgeon.

Practice makes one perfect.

India and Mumbai is hub for Medical tourism, because of affordable cost and pleasant experience of skillful and trained surgeons.

Undoubtedly, India and Mumbai is very safe or rather best for Facelift surgery.

Is Facelift worth it?

If someone is repeatedly, underwent for non surgical facelift with botox and fillers than definitely, Facelift is useful.  Facelift gives permanent results with best outcome. Excess skin removal only possible in Facelift surgery.

How long is the surgery for facelift procedure?

It generally takes 2 hours for Mini Facelift, while for full facelift it takes around 3 to 4 hours.

Common reasons why people undergo facelift surgery?

  • Jowl around the mouth.
  • Deep laughing lines.
  • Sagging and bagging on neck.
  • Droopy lips.
  • Hanging skin on neck.
  • Loose skin on Cheeks.

Few indications of facelift surgery-

Few indications of facelift surgery is Sagging-on-face.
Sagging on face
Few indications of facelift surgery is Aging-on-face
Aging on face
Few indications of facelift surgery is Deep-laughing-lines.
Deep laughing lines


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