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Cost of Chin implant in India? - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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What is the cost of Chin Implant in India ?


What are chin implants?

Medical device or component placed along the lower border of the chin to change the size and shape of the chin to make it appear more in proportion to the rest of the face.


How a chin implant surgery is performed?

Chin implant surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia. It is a one-day procedure which usually does not require an overnight hospital stay. A small cut is given inside the mouth or below the chin, through this cut chin implant is fitted around the chin bone.



Is there any visible scar on the face after a chin implant?

There is no visible scarring on the face after the procedure.


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What is the risk involved in chin implant surgery?

Chin implant surgery is a minimally invasive surgery requiring much less dissection and produce very little bleeding. At the same time as with any other surgery, risks are possible with general anesthesia and infection. Also, some complication such as hematoma, a shift in implant position, numbness of lip and chin are noted but with a well-qualified surgeon, experienced and expertise specifically in maxillofacial area, complications are rare.


Is chin implant surgery permanent / I have to repeat it like botox and filler?

Results of chin implant surgery are permanent, unlike botox and filler which have to be repeated on a regular basis.

Chin implant surgery requires only one single procedure for the duration of a person’s life.


Chin implant is made up of which material?

Chin implants are either made up of silicone (Imaplntech or nagor) or polyethylene(brand name: Med pore) or polytetrafluroethylene( brand name: Gore-tex) depending on the preference of the operating surgeon.


What if I plan to remove my chin implant after a few years? Is it possible?

Yes, a chin implant can be removed since it is a reversible procedure although the type of implant material used can play a significant role in this decision making.


What is the recovery period / Downtime after chin implant?

Patient can go home the very same day after surgery. Most patients experience relatively very little downtime and can get back to their routine work within 7 days after surgery. In some cases, minimal swelling and soreness can be expected for two weeks after surgery.


Who is the best doctor for a chin implant? Why?

Surgeon who is well versed with anatomy of maxillofacial region and is into exclusive facial cosmetic surgical procedures is a good choice since he /she will have extensive experience in dealing with such procedures, making the chances of complications rare and even if  they do occur, such doctor will be in a better position to handle them.


What is the “Cost of chin implant in India?”

Implant material cost is around 25000 to 45000 INR. Fixation of implant is variable from 40000 INR TO 60,000 INR.


What are the different factors responsible for variable “Cost of Chin Implant in India?

  • Following factors are responsible for the variable “Cost of Chin Implant in India?”
  • Type of Implant (Prefabricated or customized)
  • Experience of Surgeon (Generally more experienced doctors tend to charge higher.
  • Depends upon Hospital
  • Associated procedures or complications.


Best way to reduce “Cost of Chin Implant in India?”

Get it done under local anesthesia with an experienced surgeon.

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