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Chiseled jawline/Brad Pitt jaw line

In today’s day and age, facial aesthetics is of great importance- especially to the younger generation of males. The Brad Pitt jaw line or chiseled jaw line is a very popular demand among the Young Males.  Fitness freaks who obsess over achieving a macho, muscular body, realize that chubby cheeks or an ill-defined jaw line do not go with their personality.

The desire for a chiseled jaw line is greater among individuals working in the fields of modeling, acting, aviation industry, and people whose interaction with the public is greater on a daily basis.


How does one achieve a chiseled jawline?

Achieving a chiseled jawline is a job that requires not more than 20 minutes. A hyaluronic acid based filler is injected at the angle of the mandible, the inferior border of the mandible, and to enhance the chin bone. To achieve the prominence at the angle area, the filler is injected along the ascending ramus of mandible as well, which gives a prominent and flawless jawline, which is also called a chiseled jaw line or a Brad Pitt jaw line.


Is it a surgery?

No! A hyaluronic acid based filler is just an injection which is a peptide of hyaluronic acid, something we also produce naturally in our bodies. When we inject it, it makes a Bond with the secretion which is available in the body. It imbibes the secretion from the adjacent tissue and it swells up a little so one can achieve the desired result. In a nutshell, it is a volumizer. It improves or enhances the volume of the tissue at the site of injection. So these are the just injections and not a surgery.


What is the downtime?

Fortunately, with Dermal fillers, there is no down time. One may have some mild bruising or itching or rarely a swelling, which usually returns to normal within a week or so. The choice of Doctor is of utmost importance. A more experienced and dexterous surgeon is a better choice.


Is it permanent?

No Dermal Filler is permanent. There are no USA FDA approved permanent dermal fillers available in the market. The safest one used is a hyaluronic acid based filler.

Reversal of Dermal fillers however, is possible within 72 hours, if one isn’t happy with the results. It is said that a permanent filler is a permanent problem, so one should not go for a permanent filler which is one of the most common advises given by all well renowned facial cosmetic surgeons, including  Dr Vaibhav Shah.


How long does the effect of dermal fillers last?

The duration for which dermal fillers lasts, depends on various factors.  Some of these are, site of injection, the volume injected, and the experience of the doctor. Still, the fillers last from between 9 months to 18 months. Many surgeons including Dr Vaibhav Shah, use the pyramid technique for injecting, in which they inject a dermal filler with a higher molecular weight in a deeper layer of the skin, above which the lower molecular weight dermal filler is injected. These develop a cross link between each other and duration of the dermal filler increases significantly.


Is it possible to achieve a lip pout with dermal fillers?

Yes, it definitely is possible to achieve a prominent lip line by increasing the volume of the lip in order to make the lip look more sensuous.  Injection of dermal fillers on the lip line is now a common practice and is in high demand among teenagers and middle-aged females. The lip is possibly the only sensual part of the body which is always visible. Dermal Fillers on the lips maybe carried out to improve the lip shape and to enhance the lip volume, or to achieve the “Angelina Jolie pout”.  It only requires a few injections in the lip. There are no major drawbacks or disadvantages. It is a simple procedure and one can get the desired results in a few minutes.


In what other areas can dermal fillers be used?

Dermal fillers can be used to increase the volume in areas of rhytids or wrinkles. The commonest area where dermal filler is used is the laugh lines or the nasolabial folds. Also, dermal fillers are very commonly used in the jowls of the jawline. Also, for a prominent chin, dermal fillers can be used. Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance cheek bones or Malar eminence. Fillers are also used in tear troughs,  and to give an oval shape to the face, fillers are used in the chin area.


Is it possible to reverse the action of a dermal of filler?

Yes, just by injecting plain hyaluronidase, one can reverse the action of a dermal filler.


Patient review

Hi! My name is Yoganathan. i work in the aviation industry. I am happy with my physique but I feel my problem lies in my face. I have been told that I look very young, and I aware of my boyish features. I've always dreamed of having a chiseled jawline, like a Brad Pitt jawline. I have seen a few videos also and some of my friends have undergone such procedures for a chiseled jawline too. I found them having a totally different personality post these injections. I feel more attractive people receive more attention and hence my desire to change my appearance intensified. A friend of mine recommended a doctor in Korea, ho suggested that I should go for a genioplasty, which is basically a major surgery to correct the jawline and give you a prominent chin. I wanted to have a chiseled jaw and an attractive face but I definitely did not want to undergo major surgery. That’s when one of my colleagues recommended that I see Dr Vaibhav Shah, based in Mumbai, India. I had a great experience just speaking to him on the phone. Dr Vaibhav Shah is very approachable and I did not hesitate to even speak about my own problems and inhibitions. After the initial conversation I booked my appointment for the chiseled jawline. I was able to see more than 200 syringes of a dermal fillers in his clinic, which really boosted my confidence in Dr Vaibhav Shah. Since I’m not Indian, there was always a fear of undergoing surgery in any foreign country. But Vaibhav Shah is well spoken, confident and extremely cooperative. Not just Dr Vaibhav Shah, but even his office staff is always happy to help. I finally got what I wanted! A chiseled jawline! The result was visible! Yes, I did get a slight swelling but that settled in 4 or 5 days. So a big thumbs up to Dr Vaibhav Shah for being one of the best at dermal filler injections in India.