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Cheek filler - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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Our Clinic being best filler injection treatment in Mumbai, we do get many calls every single day to asks following question like

  • How much is the Cost of Cheek filler in Mumbai?
  • What are the results of Cheek filler for high cheek bone?
  • What is the durability or how long cheek filler lasts?
  • How to achieve best results with Cheek filler and Facial Sculpting?



Well there are certain criteria which is important to Understand

  • How much is the Cost of Cheek filler in Mumbai?
  • Many criteria are responsible for it
  • Which particular brand are you using?

As USA FDA approved one like Juvederm or Belotero are comparatively expensive to any other Chinese brands.



How much amount of Filler are you using?

As filler comes in syringes of either 2 or 1 ml  . . . Depending upon the amount of filler cost varies a lot. Like 2 ml will cost you more than 1 ml.

Which type of filler are you using?

We are talking about HA hyaluronic acid fillers only, as these are the fillers which is most widely used.

High molecular weight filler which is most ideal to enhance cheek volume is expensive than low molecular weight filler. Low molecular weight is more used for superficial static wrinkles like nasolabial fold . . .  but when you want to increase bulk of cheek or you want to increase bulk of any bony segment like chin filler or Angle or Jaw line it’s ideal to use high molecular weight filler which is comparatively more expensive.

Who is injecting?

Experience surgeons usually charges more. Someone who wants to do experiment on you may offer you at material cost or even cheaper.

Results of Cheek bone enhancement after dermal filler?

  • To achieve Best results following criteria is important.
  • Proper marking.
  • It is important where are you increasing the bulk of cheek bone?
  • Most important is to increase bulk on Malar eminence. And along the Zygomatic ridge. When you increase or inject dermal filler at malar eminence and along the zygomatic arch one bound to get best results with cheek filler.

There are marking like

  1. Line from lateral canthus of eye to corner of lip
  2. Line from ala of nose to ear.



Dissection of these two line gives exact location of malar eminence.

Good marking is great key to achieve best results with dermal filler.

How long filler last?

Usually durability of filler is around 12 months. It generally gets dissolved after 12 months. While you top up high molecular weight with low molecular weight filler durability of filler increases. It means after injecting high molecular weight filler for cheek enhancement at supra periosteal level , if you inject low molecular weight filler just beneath skin which is called as sub cutaneous layer it really gives good sculpting and lasts long.

Before after with dermal filler?

We being best filler injectors our before after pictures speaks better for us than our words.

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