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Dr. Vaibhav Shah being well known as The Best Botox treatment in Mumbai has made certain protocols in his clinic.  To be the best Botox Injection in Mumbai one has taken great measure and efforts. Due to the following reason we are known as Best Botox injection and Best Botox treatment Cost in Mumbai.

Quality: Botox is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type – A. undoubtedly many companies and brands are available. Botox is the Brand name of it from Company call Allergan. As we want to maintain tag of Best Botox in Mumbai we only use and recommend Botox. In our Clinic, we use genuine Botox. Being most used, accepted and effective Botox is most expensive among the bunch. We never compromise in quality of Product.


Technique- Botox injections are basically for relaxation of muscles and one need to do multiple punctures. We use Insulin syringes and Vibrator devices and also surface anesthesia for “Pain free experience of Botox”.


Micro-droplet Botox- Botox comes in small particles form. By adding Normal saline one have to make it injectable. We use concentrated Botox and give Micro Botox which in returns get minimum down time and maximum effect.

Anatomy-  Dr. Vaibhav Shah being Best Botox treatment in Mumbai has the great experience and being Maxillofacial Surgeon he has great understanding of each muscle. Due to his thorough knowledge of Anatomy, he is Best Botox injector in Mumbai.

Knowledge sharing –

We believe in educating our patients. Dr. Shah has personally written most relevant and commonly asked frequent question on Botox. Which is one of the best knowledge sharing tool. Also, we have many YouTube video which is online so better understanding of Procedure.

For more knowledge and On FAQ – Open up the Link –

Botox – Best anti-aging treatment in the world of Cosmetic Surgery 

Marking-  Even after being Best Doctor for Botox injection in Mumbai , Dr. Shah being perfectionist make sure he himself do markings before actually going with injections. Such detailed marking always helpful to avoid complications.



Our Experience- Being Best Botox clinic in Mumbai we serve maximum numbers of patient. Practice makes one perfect. Our expertise and results are really suitable to tag which is given to us by our patient “Best Botox Treatment in Mumbai”.


Botox Cost in Mumbai – One need to understand this carefully- Once you dilute or open up Botox vial it need to be sued in 3 days. If we are using after 3 days one gets compromised results. We being the best cost in Mumbai always prefer to open new vial in front of the patient. Vials are available in 50 Units or 100 units. If you really want Best Botox before after results make sure you are using new vial and not used one. We prefer to sell either 50 units or 100 units of Botox to patients to maintain the best cost effective Botox treatment to them. Generally, Cost of Botox 300/ Unit.

One can check out best knowledge sharing video on Best Botox treatment in Mumbai by just one click on –

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