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Beard Transplant in Mumbai

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Are you looking for the best quality result-oriented Beard transplant in Mumbai, India? Your search for the best Beard transplant in Mumbai, India ends here.

Our Hair Transplant clinic in Mumbai is not only about more hair, but we are also committed to producing the best Natural-looking outcome of beard hair transplantation at the most affordable cost!

Beard Transplant in Mumbai
Beard Transplant in Mumbai

How Beard Transplant is Different than Hair Transplant?

There are a few fundamental differences in beard transplant and hair transplant.  While doing a beard transplant we need to keep such criteria in mind for best results.

Single hair implantation:-  For best results in a beard transplant in Mumbai, We at Dr. Vaibhav Shah’s Hair transplant clinic make sure, we implant only a single follicle or single hair graft transplant beard hair never grow in multiple numbers, unlike scalp hair transplant. So, it is important that in a beard transplant we get multiple follicle hair grafts than we need to further separate the multiple follicles in single follicle graft.

Direction of hair implantation:- Generally beard hair grows towards the downward direction. For best beard transplant, we implant all hair graft in downward directions which mimic natural beard hair growth.

Angle of hair graft implantation:-  In a beard transplant in Mumbai to mimic best and natural looks if beard it is very important to implant the hair graft at a 10-degree angle to the skin. We at Dr. Vaibhav Shah’s clinic makes sure all the hair graft implanted at 10-degree angle to the skin for best results of beard transplant in Mumbai

Minimum scarring:- Beard transplant is done on the face. It is important that we have no scarring or zero marks after a beard transplant. At Dr. Vaibhav Shah’s clinic, we use swann morton sp90 hair transplant blade, these blades are specially made for hair transplant. benefits of these blades are they don’t leave any marks or scar on face after transplantation.

Cost of a Beard Transplant in Mumbai

Generally, cost of beard transplant in Mumbai starts from 25 to 30 INR/graft. One usually needs 2000-3000 grafts depends upon the shape of the selected beard. Density always we need to keep very high as gaps or open space in the beard look ugly. The cost of a beard transplant in Mumbai usually starts from 50,000-2,00,000 INR. For best results beard transplant in Mumbai feel free to approach Dr. Vaibhav  Shah’s hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.


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