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. . . And I became The Cosmetic Surgeon. - Dr Vaibhav Shah

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  • . . . And I became The Cosmetic Surgeon.
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“Moments are enough to change your fortune, it doesn’t even need time”

Well, after completing my Post graduation in Maxillofacial Surgery, my ultimate goal was to get Job as a lecturer at any teaching institutions. The .sole reason behind it was to get fixed salary . . .  without any headache. . .

  1. D.Y Patil University gave me an opportunity for that. I was indeed happy. . . was just newly engaged as well. . . 40,000 INR every month was not less than a feast for me. It’s always in mind of any Postgraduate student to sit on another side of the table. . . . I was happy. Was exploring different, different field may not be with interest but even to do time pass as well.

I still remembered when our department got equipped with WiFi, we got ultimate time pass. For me, life was set. Was happy with Morning Job. (Fixed Salary) and evening Freelancing. My senior and also a friend, Dr. Vruturaj got special leaves (Leave with salary) … almost for a month. He went to Dr. Shyam Sheth at Ahmedabad to get experience with Cleft Lip and Plate Surgeries.

Undoubtedly, I thought of the same . . .  who do not want leaves without any deduction in salary?

Have found out about few courses here and there, been to USA as well. Tried my level best to take advantage of all of these. Been to many other Doctors and Institutions for the learning aspect. All with special leaves… I must thank my H.O.D Dr.Padhye for same. Well, was learning new and bit different stuff but was unable to implement it into my practice.

I am the first one from my family who is been to USA for further studies. Thanks to FaceBook that everyone came to know about my USA trip immediately.  In deed, my relatives and friends were proud of me. My teachers were expecting me to learn new dimensions and groom myself. To be frank, for me special leaves were most important.

After completing my Training at USA I returned back to Mumbai. My parents decided to throw a party . . . or more like a get together for all relatives. In a party, My Aunt, Neeta Aunty asked me for my number. She was complaining about tiered looks on her face and was looking at me with high hopes. Her life was really not good due to her tiered looks.

Just one click of her  . . .



I decided to go ahead with Upper eyelid Blepharoplasty with her. For the first time, I realized the importance of presentable looks from an ordinary woman point of view.

I tried my best. She had shown great confidence in myself. Such behavior of patient actually forces you to give your best. For the first time, I was a ray of hope for someone. As per the plan, we carry out her Cosmetic Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) in Mumbai.

Immediate post-op:


Her surgery went off well. She was happy with the results. So am I. would like to share her pics. . .


My aunt was indeed happy and shared my number with her many friends. . .


After a week time, I got a call from unknown number. . . I picked up the call . . .  sweet voice —–“ May I speak to Dr. Shah, who is “the best Cosmetic Surgeon?”

I was speechless . . . but that moment changed my life and even goals of my life. I firmly believe I am not the Best one but I realized the importance of best work.  Just not special leaves but to achieve my goals have left the academic permanently.

“Do take up responsibility,

You may not fulfill it also, but that will help you to understand your true capabilities” . . . . .



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