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Welcome to Dr. Vaibhav Shah's Clinic

Dr. Shah- Passionate Surgeon for his love of Hair Transplantation & Cosmetic Surgery with firm believer to “Sell honesty and Produce Best Cosmetic Results”.

My say about myself and my outlook towards “My Practice”

Cosmetic Surgery is highly different than other medical branches. First of all, I understand that patients who comes to cosmetic clinic basically they have desire of better looks and not having any illness, so results are of prima importance.

If at all I believe, I cannot deliver desired results I personally prefer to say No to patient rather than just to treat them for sake of doing something.


I am specialized only into Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, so keep doing procedures which is under my domain. I do not treat Butt, belly and breast. Definitely “practice makes you , Perfect” Because of my Micro focal Super specialty in Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration Surgery I have experienced and Expertise in Only Face and Hair.

I personally understand, when you talk about your own flows and cosmetic concern, its bit awkward. I always try my best to give most relaxed atmosphere. I always encourage my patients to talk, so we come to know about their concern, expectation.

I believe to “Prepare for worst and deliver the best”. I do not believe to show some rosy pictures and out of the world results and to operate them. I always prefer to make understand my patient for “Reality, expectation of any Cosmetic Surgery”. I believe, I am not trader of any Cosmetic Surgery. I am a Doctor, patient come to us with lot of hope and Expectation, Be honest, if not anything, else.

Cosmetic Surgeries are usually more expensive not because Doctor wants to earn more money but because kind of Money is involved to set up any cosmetic Centre. Training of Doctor, set up (Surgical and Non-Surgical), Laser Lot many factors are responsible to make it expensive.


I firmly believe, Mumbai, India will be the biggest Hub for any Medical or Para Medical Treatment. As cost what any Citizen of Britain or USA or Australia pay for their treatment is five to ten times higher than Indian Cost. World is becoming small with Internet, India is most preferred destination for Medical Tourism.

Being born in Wealthy family, Money really doesn’t make difference to me. I am always open to help anyone without expectation of Money. Anyone can easily get in touch with me by filling up Contact Form. Have done and currently also doing lot of Charity Surgeries.

Thank you

Warm Regards,


Why Us?

Firstly, as we are specialized and provide only facial cosmetic procedures and surgery, and Hair Restoration procedures, we have a cutting edge over the others who perform all possible procedures and other cosmetic surgeries.



We believe in the phrase: “Sell your honesty-invest your time ! "


Giving enough time to the patient during a consultation, listening to the patient’s concerns and making sure that they are comfortable while they are talking about their problems, and at the same time with full honesty and understanding, giving them the best possible solution, makes us leaders in facial cosmetic procedures and surgery.
Dr Vaibhav Shah’s team is committed to give you the best patient experience, right from your first call to the last appointment- or to the time you reach your country (for international patients)
We make sure that Dr Shah is aware of the patient’s history after doing the required blood investigations and fitness evaluation for Surgery of the patient. We treat patients by appointment only-making sure that there are no patients waiting during an on-going procedure on another patient. We believe that our clinic should have a comfortable atmosphere and provide the best patient experience. We do not believe in the commercial practices run by many chains and we firmly believe in building a personal rapport with each patient. From the picking up a patient at the airport and bringing those to the clinic we provide the best patient experience and make sure they feel safe, even if they are travelling alone to Mumbai or to India.
We have one staff member dedicated to each outstation/international patient, to look after their needs. Our responsibility does not end once the desired results have been achieved, or once the surgery is done. We ensure our staff drops them to the airport and that they’ve safely reached their country by making a phone call. The patient experience we provide is superlative, with personal attention to each patient.

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Dr.Vaibhav Shah


Skype Id : vaibhav.shah17@gmail.com

What people say's about Dr. Vaibhav Shah


I am Dr. Pummy Khanna. I am Professor for English literature in Mumbai University. I generally go For Botox and Filler for youthful looks. I must have tried at least four Reputed and Good Clinics in Mumbai. My friend recommended me to see Dr. Vaibhav Shah. I found him knowledgeable. He is calm and clear in his treatment and suggestions. But I was a bit hesitant to go ahead for Botox and Juvederm filler with him, as he said around 150 UNIT of Botox will be needed and 4 syringes of Juvederm Filler. I generally go for 70-90 units of Botox and 2 syringes. The cost was becoming almost double. I just let’s try him once. I found the huge difference between him and others. He injected very Concentrated Botox. I asked him about the same. He explained to me about “Microdroplet of Botox”. Even in Juvederm Filler, he used some small metal cannula to inject. Have actually seen such different technique of injection for the first time. I got the amazing results. Usually laughing lines always remains even after injecting the filler. That time I understood the difference. Big thumb up for Dr. Shah. It was as good as a surgical facelift effect. read more

I am Aribella. My self is legal expert in Birmingham, Great Britain. I was tired of spending money on Botox and Juvederm Filler for my face. None of this treatment is long-lasting. I have also undergone Thread lift and Vampire lift in London, Great Britain. To be frank I was not at all happy with vampire lift and threads. There was only limited results. I thought of Surgical Facelift. I was scared initially for surgery but after watching lot of YouTube video, personal experience of many people have actually prepared me to go for Surgical Facelift. I must say website “Real self” Boosted my confidence also gave me required Information. When I visited Clinics in London for Surgical facelift, I found Charges for Surgical facelift starts from 5000 Pounds and for me it was 9000 pounds were required (To include anesthesia and hospital charges).  I am Aribella. My self is legal expert in Birmingham, Great Britain. I was tired of spending money on Botox and Juvederm Filler for my face. None of this treatment is long-lastingI was scared initially for surgery but after watching lot of YouTube video, personal experience of many people have actually prepared me to go for Surgical Facelift......  read more

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